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 Short Sale/ Loan Modification/ Negotiator Checklist



The R&R Team, Inc., empowered by its affiliation with United Real Estate, is not associated with the government, and our service is not approved by the government or your lender.

Even if you accept this offer and use our service, your lender may not agree to change your loan.

If you stop paying your mortgage, you could lose your home and damage your credit.


NOTE: The R&R Team will list and sell a short sale property only if the seller first agrees to use and hires a professional negotiator such as: SGH, LLC, Lucio Ojeda, 101 E. Holly Avenue, Suite # 12, Sterling, VA 20164, T: 703-444-3380,; EKKO Title Vienna - 410 Pine Street, Suite 220, Vienna, Virginia 22180, T: 703-537-0800, F: 888-448-3556, Office Manager: Todd Condron,; or another professional negotiator of your choice to complete all negotiations with lenders on loan modifications or short sales. Again, The R&R Team will not list a short sale property unless the seller/client first hires a professional negotiator to perform these services. 


Below are applicable checklist actions that may apply: 




Required Action(s):


R&R Team realtor to brief seller/ client on short sale process, the roles of negotiator versus the R&R Team and payment for services. The R&R Team will not list a short sale property unless the seller/ client hires a professional negotiator.




Have seller/ client to visit this web site ( to determine if existing primary loan is held by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac as the investor-loan holder. Seller/ client should also generally review this web site to determine if the loan, the property and the owner meet Federal eligibility criteria for loan modification. Seller/ client should have the results of this search when meeting with the negotiator and the realtor. Likewise, the seller/ client may wish to do a free credit check at The credit check can be done in two easy steps and not lower the existing credit score. 




Provide seller/ client with copy of negotiator agreement and short sale requirements checklist – if possible, arrange an assessment meeting or telephone exchange between seller/ client, negotiator and agent to determine if a loan modification and/or short sale scenario even applies.




Participate in meeting with seller/ client and negotiator, as appropriate.ible. If decision is to proceed with a loan modification rather than a short sale, client will work directly with negotiator and R&R Team will only assist as and when requested (negotiator has primary role going forward with client).




If a negotiator agreement is signed and a decision is made to proceed with a short sale, agent will assist seller/ client in completing necessary forms and providing needed documentation to negotiator, as appropriate.




Advise the seller/client that from the moment the agreement with negotiator is signed for either a loan modification or short sale, the seller/ client may find it in the seller's/ client's best interest to direct any and all communications with the seller’s/ client’s lender(s) through the negotiator. This is an optional consideration for the seller. At minimum, if the seller/ client receives an inquiry from the lender(s), the seller/ client should advise the negotiator of the inquiry and consult with the negotiator as to an appropriate response. The seller should be aware that any direct communications or actions by the seller/ client with a lender(s) and without negotiator involvement can have adverse repercussions on the outcome of the negotiations. NOTE: The R&R Team rep will never communicate directly with the seller’s/ client’s lender(s) – all information from an R&R Team realtor involving the real estate contract for the property on a short sale and associated documents/ communications will be handled through the negotiator.




Advise the client to contact a CPA to address any tax implications or a lawyer on any legal questions or concerns that the client may have (neither the negotiator nor the realtor are a CPA or a lawyer).




If a property is a short sale candidate or if a pricing analysis is needed to confirm property meets candidacy criteria for a loan modification, the R&R Team realtor will complete the property listing questionnaire/ visit the property, provide seller/ client with a comparative market analysis (CMA) and/or proposed marketing plan. 




As applicable, R&R Team and seller/ client will sign a listing agreement/ other needed listing documents to sell the property.  




As applicable, the R&R Team will provide the negotiator with a Broker’s Pricing Opinion with CMA and gallery printouts attached and a copy of the signed listing agreement.




Depending on lender(s) short sale application procedures, negotiator recommendations and the seller's decision, the R&R Team will proceed with listing of the property in the MLS, showcase the property listing on the Internet and complete other marketing plan efforts when so directed by seller/ client.


Upon ratifying a short sale-acceptable contract (signed by seller and buyer and including a buyer mortgage loan approval letter from a lender or proof of funds for an all-cash offer), then provide the ratified contract, a preliminary HUD-1 from a settlement company and supporting documents to the negotiator for submission to lender(s).




Establish a contract milestone checklist when negotiator receives notice of third party/ lender approval(s) and assist the seller/ client to execute the contract to settlement/ closing. Again, any realtor communications with the seller’s/ client’s lender(s) will be only and solely through the negotiator.  


And, please consider that throughout the short sale process, each client will enjoy HONESTY, INTEGRITY & RESULTS ... that is our GUARANTEE when you hire The R&R Team!

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