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Getting Started As a Seller!

We want to help you succeed in selling your home. Many clients want some specific suggestions on what they need to do to get started as a seller and, besides applying our more than 22 years of successfully listing and selling hundreds of properties in Northern Virginia, our sellers pay listing fees as low as only 4%: 


(1) Determine what your home is worth: This is a very important initial step. While you may ask more than one realtor to provide you with a comparative market analysis (CMA), you will find that many realtors are ill-equipped to provide you with an accurate CMA. You will find that The R&R Team has all the tools and expertise to provide you with a pricing analysis that is second to none in the business. To get an R&R Team detailed pricing analysis and recommended listing price for your home, please complete a seller pricing questionnaire at this link or you can call us at 703-421-1433 or send us an emailThis will be provided at no cost or obligation to you.  

(2) Hire a Realtor: You will want to select and hire a listing agent only after doing due diligence. There are several important factors to consider in the selection process. You will want to hire an outstanding Realtor who works real estate as a full-time professional (not part-time), who provides full-service support from start to finish and who is experienced and an expert on the local real estate market. The Realtor must provide you with a logical explanation of the basis for their CMA pricing recommendation to you and hopefully this is based on a quantitative analysis (not some price snatched out of the air). Finally, the Realtor you hire should provide you with a written marketing plan that explains what and how the realtor will market your home. The marketing plan must also provide a measurable basis against which to measure success (to hold his or her feet to the fire) and the plan should provide you with continuing feedback on the progress that is made in marketing your property. You can find a synopsis of very good marketing plan at this link. Finally, the realtor you hire should demonstrate good competence and gain your confidence that he or she is the realtor who will succeed in getting you home sold. 

(3) Develop a Pre-Marketing Preparation Plan: The listing agent that you hire should assist you in developing a pre-marketing preparation plan and should assist you in all steps of executing the plan. One of the important steps in selling a home involves proper conditioning and presentation of the property before the property is placed on the market. In completing these preparations, the seller should focus on doing the inexpensive things (de-cluttering, painting and cleaning) so as to make the home attractive to the very first homebuyer. These seller preparations are further discussed at this link. Our experience is that sellers who do these pre-market preparations are rewarded tremendously for their time and efforts. 

Hopefully, after you have initiated the above steps, you will feel better about how you are proceeding and will feel more assured that you will succeed in selling your home.

We on The R&R Team have more than 22+ years of experience in helping hundreds of sellers succeed in listing and selling their homes in Northern Virginia. Likewise, our sellers pay listing fees as low as 4% and all buyers get generous cash-back assistance who purchase a home through us. For sellers who sell their existing home and then buy their next home through us (called a bundled client) they will pay a lower listing fee and get greater cash-back assistance than the normal client. You can learn more about our listing fees at this link and can get added info on our generous cash-back assistance at this link. Likewise, you can learn more about our Team at this link and can review some of our client comments at this link.  


And, please consider that throughout the home selling process, each client will enjoy HONESTY, INTEGRITY & RESULTS ... that is our GUARANTEE when you hire The R&R Team.

If you have any questions, please call 703-625-5586 or send us an email today.  

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