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We want to help you succeed in finding your dream home. Most buyer clients want to know what they need to do to get started as a homebuyer. We offer the following suggestions to help you get started and, besides applying our more than 22 years of experience to help you succeed, we also offer generous cask-back assistance to all our buyers:    

(1) Do You Have A Home You May Need To Sell? You may or may not need to sell this home but, if you think you do, please start by finding out what the home is worth. You can easily get a detailed pricing analysis on your home by contacting The R&R Team (our pricing analyses are considered the best in the business). To get this started, please complete the questionnaire at this link and we will provide you with this analysis. This is provided at no cost or obligation to you.   

(2) Fix Any Credit Issues That You Have. You will get more favorable mortgage interest rates with a higher credit score. An excellent credit score is 750 or higher. You can check your credit score for free in two easy steps and not lower your existing credit score. Go to this link to get a free credit report.

(3) Get Yourself Mortgage Pre-Approved. Mortgage pre-approval is needed so you will know how much of a home you can afford to buy. Please note that a mortgage pre-qualification is not a mortgage pre-approval. You need to complete an application and have a credit check run by a reputable mortgage lender to get a mortgage pre-approval. You need to complete this early in the homebuying process so you can make an offer when you find your dream home. Most sellers in Northern Virginia will not entertain an offer without a mortgage pre-approval letter accompanying the offer. You can find the proven and reputable lenders that we recommend at this link.   

(4) Focus Your Search for A Home. Start your Internet search for a home in the multiple listing service (MLS) by using our Bright MLS search site at this link. It is free and easy to use. We also recommend that you further focus your search by completing a home-finder questionnaire at this link. When we receive this completed questionnaire, we will setup a more refined search for properties in the MLS that only a realtor can do and the MLS search results will be sent via auto-email on a recurring basis as new properties are listed that meet your search criteria. Most of our clients find that these realtor MLS auto-email searches save them lot of time and effort. 

(5) Hire a Realtor. Hopefully, after you have initiated the above steps, you will feel better about how you are proceeding and will feel more assured that you will succeed in buying the home you want. Likewise, at some point, you will want to select a realtor to assist you. You will want to hire a realtor who is available full-time, one who provides full-service support from start to finish, one who is well experienced and an expert on the local real estate market and one who you can trust will represent your best interest. We on The R&R Team have more than 22 years of experience in helping hundreds of buyers succeed in purchasing their dream homes in Northern Virginia. Likewise, we provide generous cash-back assistance to all buyers who purchase a home through us. You can learn more about our cash-back assistance at this link, can learn more about our Team at this link and can review some of our client comments at this link. 

And, please consider that throughout the homebuying process, each client will enjoy HONESTY, INTEGRITY & RESULTS ... that is our GUARANTEE when you hire The R&R Team!

If you have any questions, please call 703-625-5586 or send us an email today.  

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